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Attention, attention.

friends cut.

If you can see this post, meaning you're safe from the cut and I appreciate that you guys make an effort to know me through my posts.
You guys are amazing.

To those of you who were cut, I'm so sorry. It's either we never talk or that we didn't have anything in common anymore.
It breaks my heart to do this but my friends' list is getting clogged up.

If you think you're wrongfully cut, please leave a comment here!

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thanks for keeping meee ♥ once i'm back from hiatus i'll be commenting (a lot more).

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Thanks for keeping me! ♥ I know that we don't talk as much as I'd like--I'm going to try to be better about keeping up with everyone's entries. :)

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thanks for keeping me, darling.

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lol im horrible at keeping up with friends and commenting them. i dont think ive ever talked to you after i friended you. sorry! :p

usually its bc im on my phone and my phone usually doesnt let me post comments ):

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Yay I'm still here! :D
-smushes you- ♥

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Thanks for keeping me. <3

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Thanks so much for keeping me, bb. ♥ It means a lot. :D